Cork City Sports 

Huge well done to the team who represented the school at Cork City Sports on Friday 3rd June. They swept the board with three children coming in 1st place, one child coming in 2nd place, and two in 3rd place! Our girls team even came home with a trophy for the most prizes in their category! All of the children involved were an absolute credit to the school and we are all so proud of them! A big thank you goes out to the parents for all their help and support on the day – we really appreciate it.


Olivia Lee

Bianka Luszczek

Oliver Berzins

Ryan O’Sullivan

Phoebe Purcell

Sofia Moore

Albert Sokolowska

Max Purrmann

Ava Kidney O’Brien

Atene Lepeska

Kai Holland

Eoin Coughlan

Ula Sokolowska

Erica Dorney

Simas Valys

Milosz Giec

Emilia Schuetze

Sarah Chyrznska

Demyras Galinskas

William Murphy



Olivia Lee – 1st place

Sophie Purcell – 1st place

Ula Sokolowska – 1st place

Atene Lepeska – 2nd place

Sofia Moore – 2nd place

Erica Dorney – 3rd place



Run Around Ireland Challenge

ASF encourages ALL schools to commit to the 4-week ‘Run Around IRELAND’ challenge during the spring term.

  • It is a great way for pupils to learn about Ireland’s most famous landmarks, and to bring learning outdoors.
  • It supports the Athletics strand of the PE curriculum and gives pupils the opportunity to develop good running technique.
  • This challenge is also one of the key criteria for schools working towards ASF.


Take a look below at how our Active School Committee organised our ‘Run around Ireland’ challenge.


The Active School Committee organised a plan to prepare the school for the Run Around Ireland Challenge. The student members of the Active School Committee measured the distance of the Junior and Senior yard using a trundle wheel. After this the teacher leading the Run Around Ireland challenge met with the students in the Active School Committee and the pupils relayed the information to the teacher.
Together the pupils and teacher decided there would be 2 running tracks in the school yard for the Junior and Senior pupils to run along during the 4 week Run Around Ireland Challenge. The Junior path was 200m and the Senior path was 350m.
Run Around Ireland took place in Scoil Chlíodhna CNS from the 9/5/22 – 3/6/22. During this time the student representatives of the Active Schools Committee were responsible for collecting the distances specific classes had run. The student members of the Active Schools Committee recorded this information daily on a grid and showed the data to the lead teacher who then recorded the whole school’s running distance.

What club are you in?


Our Active Committee recently conducted a  ‘What Club Are You In?’ survey with all the boys and girls in our school. Here are the results;

Some of the most popular clubs in our area are soccer, swimming and football.

Throughout the year we invite coaches from some of our local clubs to visit us and they provide physical activities and games for the children in different classes.