Year 1 – 2021/2022

Our Green School committee surveyed all of the teachers in our school to find out their attitudes and practices around litter, energy conservation, and waste management. We had great fun visiting the classrooms and surveying the teachers using iPads! You can view the full results by clicking on the picture below.

We visited each classroom in the school to raise awareness around what can and cannot be recycled. To do this, we made a presentation showing where different items go, then gave each class a Kahoot quiz using the iPads to test their knowledge. Click on the image below to take the quiz as many times as you like – or test someone at home!

Our Green Schools committee have taken on the task of emptying the recycling bins. Every Wednesday and Friday, two of our Waste Wardens collect the bins, remove any materials that can’t be recycled, and return the bins to their classrooms.


Our ‘Energy Monitors’ have been busy during yard time, checking that the lights and taps are turned off in all of the classroom. This is not strictly part of our ‘Litter and Waste’ work, but is a good habit to get into around the school. Here is a photo of two of our Energy Monitors in action!

Our committee brainstormed ways to involve the whole school in our efforts to make Scoil Chlíodhna CNS a litter-free zone. We ordered 25 new litter pickers, and made a rota so that each class takes a turn collecting rubbish around our school. 4th and 5th class took to the grounds were up first and they did a fantastic job!