Whole School Evaluation

During the first term of the 2019/2020 academic year our school engaged in a Whole School Evaluation.  A team of inspectors from the Department of Education and Skills visited our school and looked at school management, teaching and learning and the children’s experience of school.  We were delighted with the outcomes of the evaluation and the high level of praise bestowed upon the school by the Department of Education.


Some of the feedback is outlined below:

  • The overall quality of pupils’ learning outcomes is good and many pupils’ critical thinking skills are advanced to a high level; there is scope to improve overall standards in oral communication.
  • The quality of teaching is good overall with very high quality teaching observed in a significant number of lessons.
  • Practice in assessment is very good and includes assessment of knowledge, skills and dispositions.
  • The quality of support for pupils’ well-being is very good and school leaders establish an orderly and secure learning environment; high rates of absenteeism among a small number of pupils are a cause for concern.
  • The quality of leadership and management is very good and highly effective communication systems operate among all of the stakeholders.
  • The school self-evaluation process is very well managed; the process is underpinned by a culture of high aspirations for teachers and pupils.


You can read the full report here: Scoil Chliodhna CNS – WSE Report

We would like to thank the school community for all their support, participation and kindness during our WSE.  We are extremely proud of our pupils, parents, staff and the outcomes of our Whole school Evaluation.